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Baggy chicken

Recipes Sep 24, 2010 No comments

This chicken recipe sounds unusual but you cannot resist upon trying this recipe. It is gravy not made with chicken pieces but with chicken kheema secured in bags!

Pineapple Flavoured Chicken Recipe

Recipes Jun 30, 2010 No comments

The main ingredient in this chicken recipe is pineapple juice, which lends the entire flavour to the chicken. The pineapple flavoured chicken recipe can be used to bake a terrific chicken dish that is delicious to eat.

Homemade BBQ Seasoned Chicken Strips Recipe

Recipes Jun 28, 2010 No comments

This is a great recipe to get your kids involved and understanding the preparation of food. It can get a little bit messy! This is a chicken recipe that can be adapted and changed to your tastes – this specific mixture is a little spicy, and you can make it less or more so according to how much kick you like in your food!

Zafrani Mughlai Chicken Recipe

Recipes Apr 24, 2010 1 Comment

Zafrani Mughlai Chicken recipe is a stir fry chicken recipe from one of the many delicious Indian recipes. It uses chicken with yoghurt and fiery spices that make this chicken recipe a special occasion dish.

Chicken Bacon Nuggets Recipe

Recipes Apr 21, 2010 No comments

Chicken bacon nuggets are great appetizers and are prepared with chicken breasts, sliced bacon, orange marmalade, garlic powder and ground ginger enhancing the flavour.

Chicken Recipe With Rice

This rice and chicken flavour meal is very tasty and the chicken recipe is easy to make. You can have it for either lunch or dinner, as is suitable to you. Try this simple chicken recipe, you will surely like the flavour of it.

Yellow Rice and Chicken Recipe

Recipes Mar 26, 2010 No comments

This chicken and rice dish has been a favourite chicken recipe baked with onions, bell peppers, and water chestnuts, then added to prepared yellow rice that makes this dish rich in flavour, one that you will never forget.