Tips for Social Media Optimization

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These days, one of the most attractive features of the internet is the social networking media available to users. Social networks allow users to catch up with friends and family, share their lives and spread the word about news, events and anything that is hip and happening. Instead of looking at social media from a purely personal point of view, look at it as an SEO tool that can help boost online visibility and even help generate a profit for your business. Many businesses are cottoning onto the social side of optimization, or SMO.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Before you can start to utilize SMO to help raise online awareness of your business online, you need to understand what the term SMO really means and all that it encompasses. If your idea of social media stops at social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace, then you have to broaden your horizons. Social media incorporates blogs, social networking websites, social news and even online video. SEO for social media simply means that you tweak your website so that it is more visible so social internet users and searchers. Making these changes to your website will mean that it is more often included in blogs, forums and other related posts. Thus your website will be more visible to those who are using the internet as a social tool and not just to general searchers.

Benefits of SMO

The obvious benefit of increased web traffic is a carrot in front of many a website owner already, but is there any other benefits to sweeten the deal of using social media optimization on your website? Yes, there are. One of the more attractive benefits of using search engine optimization tactics aimed at social searchers is the low costs often involved. Many a social network is free to join, keeping your optimization costs to a minimum. Combine the low costs with the high returns brought about by maximizing your exposure and thus the impact of the campaign and you have a win-win situation. Thirdly, social media optimization can be used with other search engine optimization tactics. You can combine more than one optimization method to bring out the best in your optimizing efforts and to gain the most from them.

Basic Rules

There are a few basic SMO rules that you need to follow in order for your campaign to be successful. The fist and most important rule is to identify your social target market; reaching the wrong market through your efforts negates all the work put in to up your overall SEO. The second rule is to keep it original. Plagiarism is not looked kindly upon by the search engines, nor is it welcomed by internet users. Searchers want value from your website and social networking optimization will justify spending the time on it. Thirdly, make social optimization on the behalf of your users easy. The easier you make their lives in terms of social bookmarking, linking, and sharing, the better your chances of it actually happening.


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