Gin Rummy

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Everyone knows that rummy is a very variable game. This is the cause of this game having so many types. Even though it has so many types, not many people would think that any of the types have any subtypes. Since there are few differences between the types, no one would think that the subtypes have any differences. Even so there are subtypes for many types of rummy. Such a type is gin rummy.

Gin Rummy - Cards & their values

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is a very popular two player card game where the basic rummy rules are applied, but there are few things that are different. Since only two players play this game, it is played with only one standard 52 card pack. The rules are the basic, but since there are only 52 cards and two players, there are thing a player can take advantage of when playing this type of game. Also the face of the other player can tell a lot of things.

A 52 card pack and a two player limitation are things that show towards a very simple game where variations are hard to imagine. Even so we have to mention the subtypes of the game that are currently available.

The first type if Oklahoma gin. The things we have to know in this type of the game are the following: the first card that is turned up is used to determine the value when players can knock. Also a spade makes a hand count double, so players need a lot of luck to get this card. Luckily these things do not make the game any harder to play.

The following type is Hollywood gin. This game is almost the same as Oklahoma gin, the difference is that this is played for scores rather than by rules. In this game player play for three games and the game is played until all three games are finished. This means that players have to go for the score in all three games. It is also possible to win the whole game with only one win, but in that case the win has to be a big one.

The single match version of rummy is about gathering 100 points. Players have to keep playing rounds until one of them reaches this score. Only then is the game really finished. This is where luck plays a big part. Also a good strategy is good to know, like how to make the most points in every round.

The multi-match version plays like the single match version, but here at the end of every match the score is reset to zero. Scores at the end of matches are added up and the game is won when a player reaches a predetermined score, like 500 or higher. This means a lot of play time and a good possibility to learn the game.

We can see that even a simple game that gin rummy can have a lot of variations. Of course, different games are used in different places. A multi match game is played in places where people want a whole night experience for example.


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