Mango and Papaya Fruit Puree

Jennifer Orrange Recipes Apr 28, 2010 No comments

Fruits as we all know are full of healthy nutrients that are essential for a child’s growth. Hence introducing your baby to fruits at an early age helps develop the liking to fruits and since there is so much variety, your baby is sure to enjoy what it is being fed. Fruits are wholesome and filling and hence mixing one or more fruits and forming a fruit puree is an ideal way of weaning your baby away from milk.

Using fresh fruits adds to the flavour and certainly preserves all the present nutrients. It is best to avoid using canned fruits for your baby. You can be innovative with your weaning recipes; here is one to add to your list. Experiment with different fruits and see your baby enjoy each one of the fruit purees.


  • 1 Ripe Mango
  • A few pieces of chopped Papaya


Peel the mango and dice into small cubes. The mango should neither be over ripe nor should it be hard. Add a few cubes of the papaya and mash both the fruits together till properly mixed. It is best to use a hand blender to blend the fruits, as you can get a smooth consistency in it.

Serve the fruit puree to your baby. The strong flavours of both the mango and the papaya are sure to get good reactions from your baby. So happy weaning with your toddler!


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