Kesari Prawn Biryani

Dec 10, 2010 No comments

A very tasty seafood rice preparation strongly flavored with saffron. Prawn Biryani is very popular in the coastal areas. It is prepared using fresh prawns. Here is a special recipe for seafood lovers, tasty and mild.

Sago Vada

Dec 9, 2010 No comments

Sago vada is a popular deep-fried snack from Maharashtra. It has to be taken hot to get a good taste of the vada. Sago vadas can be had with green chutney or sauce of any kind along with tea.

Onion pakoras

Dec 9, 2010 No comments

Onion pakoras are the best snack to have on a rainy evening with tea. Onion is generally used for all dishes as it enhances the taste of the dish and it is a must for spicy pakoras.

Chicken Liver Fry

Dec 6, 2010 No comments

This chicken recipe is a stir fry made using only chicken liver. It is a high protein food and very good for children.

People having high cholesterol should take this dish in moderation.

Lauki Ke Kofte

Nov 2, 2010 No comments

Lauki (Gourd) is often recommended when your stomach is upset. But have you ever thought that this vegetable can be transformed into a lip smacking recipe.

Kesari bath

Oct 29, 2010 No comments

Kesari bath is a traditional dessert of South India, especially Karnataka. It is prepared with sooji and lots of ghee and is a perfect sweet for any occasion. It is an easy recipe and good for beginners.

Baggy chicken

Sep 24, 2010 No comments

This chicken recipe sounds unusual but you cannot resist upon trying this recipe. It is gravy not made with chicken pieces but with chicken kheema secured in bags!

Red Fried Rice

Sep 21, 2010 No comments

Red fried rice recipe is made of basmati rice, few red colored vegetables and eggs. Which means it is extremely tempting and equally nutritious.