The Passion/Love Connection

Some people go through their lives with the wrong individuals. When people are not made for each other, it causes sadness, conflict and sometimes violence. Most of the time the relationship ends, leaving behind the feeling of failure.

Compatibility is an important matter in love. It’s in our nature to desire and need to love, and to be adored, its human. Why would a person leave such a fundamental part of their lives up to chance?

There are tools a person can apply to obtain the love of their life. In astrology certain signs are compatible and others are not. The sun signs are a monumental factor, but the ascending and descending signs likewise represent a part in the over all strength of a bond.

There are things one person can handle and other things that the same person cannot manage. All aspect of people’s personalities should be researched.

Instead of taking a chance, one of the best ways is have a pre-natal chart, an astrological chart showing the position of the stars at birth, done for both parties seeking to partake in love with each other. If there is something that won’t congeal, it will be revealed in these charts.

And wouldn’t it be fine to ascertain if you can get along with an employer? If you can find out your present employer’s birthday, you can at least check sun signs to find out why you can’t endure your present boss.

How about a future boss? Will there be personality disputes? Try asking an existing employee if they know their boss’ sun sign and you could find out by trusting your personal astrologer.

How about your children? Why is it you get along fine with one child and not the other? Since you can’t choose when your children are born, it would be a topnotch reference of information to understand their personality traits.

To know how a young person will react to criticism will help you parent in a more positive way. To know how to motivate them would be invaluable now as you’re parenting them and later in their adult lives. We all know that accomplishments make us more assured.

When you know how to help them with their efforts, they will feel good about themselves. When they feel good about themselves, they will be more prepared more trustworthy people as children and adults.

The list goes on, how about your siblings, your elderly parents, your allies, your co-workers, your employees or even your next-door neighbor. Wouldn’t it be great to have an improved understanding of all the people in your lives?

To have a constructive understanding relationship with the people you love or care about, or just the people you have to deal with each day, is more precious than any gold, money or jewels. It is what makes our lives worth living. Get a compatibility chart today; you will be thankful you did.

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