Psychic Readings on the Past

Traditionally, those who seek a Psychic Reading are seeking predictions about their future, such as what job opportunities will present themselves, and what a future spouse will be like.

However, a Psychic Reading can also be used to examine the past for problems, strengths and patterns so that instead of wondering what your future will be like, you can build the destiny that you desire!

A Psychic Reading on the past is fun, and usually is a small part of any Psychic Reading. It helps the reader establish to you that you’re getting the real deal, because you will immediately be able to notice the degree of accuracy, and thus understand how accurate and precise your future predictions are as well.

A bit of the past helps you know what supports and aids you as you move forward, however, you can just as easily ask for a Psychic Reading that only examines the past.

The most common use of a Psychic Reading on the past is to gain closure. Most often this is on a deceased relative, to find out exactly what was going through his or her mind before death. The other most common closure reading is on a relationship.

Often, when a break-up happens suddenly, it is difficult to understand what went wrong, and much confusion happens over how the other person felt before her or she left. A Psychic Reading on the relationship can bring that closure as well as some much-needed information to prevent the same thing from happening again.

A less common use of the Psychic Reading on the past, but one that is still valuable, is to interpret forgotten childhood events. As a reader myself, I’ve helped a client recall the name of a teacher who helped him through a tough period in early schooling.

I helped another carefully revisit an episode of childhood abuse to identify the abuser in his own mind. These Psychic Reading can be very important to a person, but should be approached sensitively and without frivolity by all parties.

A final common past Psychic Reading is on the past life. This can be fun and exciting, as it may bring up dreams and experiences in your current life that confirm validity. However, they can also be useful to understand what lessons you’re still learning in this lifetime, and giving meaning to hardship.


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