How to Use a Psychic Reading on your Sex Life

Most of us would be embarrassed to talk about the intimate details of our sex lives with complete strangers during a Psychic Reading, especially when it concerns problems in the bedroom. However, with sex and intimacy such an important part of human life, it would be impossible to leave them out of your mental concerns as you talk with any life coach, therapist, counselor or psychic.

The first important piece of etiquette to know is when your sexual question crosses the line from one that should be asked in a Psychic Reading to one that should be asked only of your doctor! Don’t ask for a psychic reading about whether you have a health issue affecting your fertility or sexual performance until after you’ve consulted a doctor. It is not appropriate to use a Psychic Reading to test for a sexually transmitted disease!

There are ways to limit what information you ask for during a routine Psychic Reading so that you also limit the amount of embarrassment that you and your psychic will have to go through! For example, if you are asking for a Psychic Reading on whether or not your lover has cheated on you, it is okay to ask if there was any physical infidelity. However, asking your reader to detail exactly what kind of sex acts your lover did with another is a little over-the-top, and not very helpful in determining what you will do next in your relationship.

Likewise, if you’re just generally trying to increase the enjoyment of intimacy in your marriage, you don’t need to tell your reader about every little moment in the bedroom that seemed off-putting or that you’d like to have again. Instead, you can simply be general about it by asking during your Psychic Reading how you can improve the quality and quantity of sexual encounters with your spouse. At that point, the reader can feel free to tell you any spiritual, timing or energetic tips to try, without feeling like you want a play-by-play.

A Psychic Reading is a valuable tool for every part of your life, even intimacy! However, you must remain sensitive to the fact that you’re working with another person who has the right to feel comfortable and not be offended during his or her job performing your Psychic Reading.


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