Gut-feeling on Winning the Lotto

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Listen to your gut-feeling – you may be the next lotto winner

You know you weren’t meant to one day die a pauper.  A niggling voice at the back of your head keeps on telling you that you’ll come into money – somehow.  Thing is, you don’t have a loaded relative who is about to cash in his chips.  You’ve got an average paying job and bills are piling sky high on the kitchen table.  You’ve got no stomach for crime and don’t see yourself robbing a bank in the near future. Still, there’s this deep-rooted gut-feeling that a truckload of moolah is coming your way on a grand scale …

Trust your instincts

Your intuition is informing you that destiny is calling – your destiny.  Now is the time to trust your instincts.  Your dreams may become reality sooner than you think.  What if you’re meant to be the next lottery winner? What if you buy a lotto ticket, strike it lucky and win the multimillion dollar lottery jackpot big time?  Imagine the envy of friends and relatives as they congratulate you on your incredible fortune!  Imagine the thrill of being the next lottery winner and claiming an obscene amount of dough!

Give destiny a hand

Sometimes destiny needs a little bit of help.  Instead of waiting patiently on the sideline for Lady Luck to grace you with her gold-toothed smile, you need to grab the feisty gal and kiss her smack on the lips.  Those marvelous lottery millions may be yours for the taking.  You may be the next lottery winner!  Welcome that gut-deep feeling that’s getting stronger by the day – you know money is coming your way…  Buy a lottery ticket and you may win tons of money.

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