Why Are Young Drivers Car Insurance Policies More Expensive

Ajay Singh Car Insurance Jan 21, 2011 No comments

Car insurance companies have a way of rating their clients, based on which they decide what kind of premiums will be paid by them. The lowest that rank in their books are the young drivers, who are considered high-risk prospects, as insurers feel that they are the ones who are most likely to be involved in an accident. Youngsters are most often used to driving fast, jumping lights and breaking traffic rules and hence do not make it to the good books of the insurers. This is a huge reason, which makes them pay more in premiums as compared to drivers falling above the age of 25. So whether you are a good driver or just a beginner, your age will make a lot of difference to the amount of premium that you will have to pay.

In order to build a reputation, young drivers must drive safely and avoid getting a ticket. A clean driving history will help reduce costs in the future. Also it is feasible to start with an old car or a smaller new car if needed, so that the cost of premiums remains low. Larger cars demand higher premiums, so it is always better to start with a smaller one. Apart from this there are the other regular factors that affect the rate of premium such as the area in which you live, the mileage that the car covers each year, credit history, security features installed in the car and various other such factors. However, there are ways in which you can bring down the costs, but you need to consult the car insurance company for help.

A good way of lowering premiums is to get a driving course from one of the recognized institutes. Also as said earlier, a smaller and older car will call for lowers premiums. Parking you car in a garage is better than leaving it on your streets for thieves and vandals to attack. Installing security features is an added bonus. Being a young driver, you must try and build a good driving record, as this will help you save money on future insurance premiums. Also maintaining a no claims history can lower your premiums in the future. You may not be able to save the kind of money drivers older than you can, but you certainly can build your way through to that point where you will be considered in par with your peers.


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